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Bendigo, Victoria

October 3, 2017

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October 15, 2017

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e-bike: take the sweat out of pedaling

April 26, 2018

 Exercise- it is good for us, we know that. But almost 50% of us are still physically inactive.


The most common reasons for this:

     (1) lack of time

     (2) lack of fitness


Never fear, the e-bike is here!!



What is an e-bike?


No, e-bikes are not motorbikes. They offer a level of assistance when cycling.  


"E-bikes don't do all the work for you", explains Naomi Dyson, of Dyson Bikes."Far from being the lazy choice - the rider is still the main source of power. The electric assistance doesn't start unless you are peddling, and it cuts out when you reach 25km/h or use the brakes".



You still put some effort in, but an e-bike lets you decide how much whilst making cycling fun again” continues Mrs Dyson.


Active travel


Bendigo is a beautiful city to live, and to ride in. Even though it can be hilly. And hot.


The GREATER team has been using an e-bike for a couple of months now, including over the summer months.


The bike comes with all the features, even a front basket to store your belongings. The team quickly embraced the ebike, swapping the car for the bike to get to meetings.


Pros: Quick; easy parking; no sweat.


Cons: Helmet hair




But what about the hills you ask.


It's almost easy.


View St, Eaglehawk Rd, Russel St in Quarry Hill have all been climbed with relative ease.


We are yet to give One Tree Hill a crack however. 




GREATER team member Stephen Barrett has enjoyed the ebike.


"The ebike has been great for us. Given how often we travel for meetings the ebike has allowed us to travel longer distances, and to get up those hills". "Not worrying about parking has been fantastic", said Mr. Barrett, "and you get some exercise in while you travel".



Healthy Communities


For physical activity- any is better than none.


If you are cycling, by pedal or by e-bike, anything is better than nothing.


As e-bikes become less expensive, we expect to see a lot more of them around. What will that mean for cycling rates in Bendigo? 


We might even see a few more people smiling riding up hills!!





*e-bike was kindly loaned by Dyson Bikes









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